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   Enhabit is an outdoor apparel brand that started in 2023. Early in 2023, I felt that God was pushing me to start an apparel brand, but I wasn't really sure why. I had never had any desire to do so before. It became all I could think about. I knew I didn't want it to be just another generic outdoor clothing brand, so I spent close to 2 months just trying to figure out the perfect name. After hundreds of ideas that I kept shooting down just because it didn't feel right, I stumbled across enhabit. Why spell it enhabit instead of "inhabit"? Well, good question... there's no real reasoning behind it... it just felt right. At this point I was pretty sure of my name, but I still wasn't certain. I woke up the next morning and went to read my morning devotion, and God threw Isaiah 65:21-22 right in my face. A verse I had never even heard before, but I knew for certain I had the right name. We hope to spread God's love through our business, and our love for hunting and the outdoors. We are grateful for everyday that we get to ENHABIT God's creation.


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